Bridge the gap between your team and AI and solve complex problems securely.
In today's highly competitive business landscape, the key to success lies in harnessing the full potential of your resources.

Almux is your bridge to the future of enterprise problem-solving. With Almux, you can seamlessly connect your team to web and in-house AI models in a supervised manner - empowering your employees with AI, offering unparalleled task-solving capabilities.

Multi-LLM Connectivity

Almux enables your organization to utilize multiple LLMs, each uniquely trained to handle specific tasks. Navigate a diverse range of challenges with greater efficiency and precision, leveraging the power of AI through our integrated platform.

Customizable Permissions

With Almux, you control who has access to which AI models. This ensures optimal data security while allowing your team members to engage with the AI resources they need for their tasks.

Transparent AI Supervision

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your organization is utilizing AI. Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into AI usage, allowing leaders to monitor activity, assess performance, and make strategic decisions.

Prompt Templating

Almux takes the complexity out of crafting new prompts. With our customizable prompt templates, you can easily generate new prompts, accelerating your problem-solving process and ensure consistent interactions with the AI.